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Game on!

We attended the East Anglian Game and Country Fair in Norwich over the weekend, which was something different. It was partly due to our interest in finding out more about wild food and other country pursuits, and DJ’s desire to … Continue reading

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A new meaning to the phrase bunny boiler…

Well, I have to report that the rabbit stew was delicious, if a little long in the making. DJ insisted on doing the honours – I think it must be a hunter gatherer thing – and chose a very tasty … Continue reading

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Bunny burgers, anyone?

A wild looking DJ confronted me last night as I returned from a choir rehearsal, brandishing a knife. “Don’t come in the kitchen, dear,” he warned me, his face glowing like a ripe beetroot, “You wouldn’t like it.” I ignored … Continue reading

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No recycling box is safe

I never thought that the frugal life would come to this. As I write, I am ashamed to say that I’ve just been ‘liberating’ wine bottles from one of my next-door neighbours’ recycling boxes out in the road. I smuggled … Continue reading

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A Freecycle virgin no more

I am marvelling at the wonders of Freecycle today, which I have finally got into after months of meaning to. Everybody has been telling me to register with it for ages – which unfortunately usually has the opposite effect with … Continue reading

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Dream home or financial nightmare?

An old friend rang me on my mobile this morning to chat, but I was immediately suspicious. She is lovely and has always been a great mate but, like me, is busy and rarely rings during the week without there … Continue reading

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Wedding wardrobe dilemma

When I think of the number of weddings I’ve been to over the past two years it’s scary. DJ and I sat and counted them the other day and realised it was ten. That’s a lot of cheesy best man … Continue reading

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Beating a recession

Everybody’s jumped on the recession band wagon lately, insisting the big financial end is nigh, so I thought, why be the exception! Kidding aside –this scare-mongering makes me angry as it may frighten a lot of people unnecessarily. But I’d … Continue reading

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An eggcellent swap

“You’ve got chickens!” exclaimed a workman called John who came to our house recently, in awe and disbelief. “I’ve never been to a house around here with chickens! Can I buy some eggs?” Never actually having sold any of our … Continue reading

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Mortgage Envy

Fresh from my break, which was lovely and very relaxing – thanks for your kind messages – , I have been struck down with a terrible case of the green-eyed monster. A friend of mine I used to live with … Continue reading

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