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Stand up for your frugal rights

I found out why the blackberries in Norsey Wood weren’t at their best the other day – apparently there’s some old wives tale that says you have to pick them before Michaelmas (29th September) because that’s when the devil spits … Continue reading

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Into the woods…

Yesterday afternoon I was starting to feel a bit woolly headed so decided to head out for a potter to get some fresh air (and escape from the home working environment). Luckily we live about 15 mins walk from an … Continue reading

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Mum’s moneysaving tips

As I told you last week, I went to Northern Ireland to visit the folks and hoping to glean some useful moneysaving tips from my ‘in touch with her Scottish roots’ mother. It was altogether a very pleasant trip despite … Continue reading

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Photo case book

Hope you like my photos. But I should explain them a little as I realised in the middle of the night last night that they might not make an awful lot of sense in isolation! Me & my other half … Continue reading

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Frugal on the road

It’s not easy being frugal. Especially when you’re travelling. I’m visiting my parents, who moved to Ireland four years ago to retire – partly because of the affordable property prices there back then (now you have to fork out £450k … Continue reading

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Pre-frugal fright…

Frankly it’s all a bit scary…tomorrow I am leaving the safety of my full-time job at a well known City investment magazine for the precarious existence of a freelance journalist, working from home.  "Hey, that doesn’t sound so bad," I … Continue reading

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