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WW2 Challenge: Can you dig it?

I’m making Woolton pie tonight, named after the famous wartime Food Minister – admittedly not a popular dish – and am wondering if DJ will make it home for dinner at all. I fear he is tiring already of eating … Continue reading

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WW2 Challenge: The £5 Banana

Living on wartime rations isn’t easy – I’ve already poisoned myself with one simple recipe! So in an effort to learn more, I caught up with Terry Charman, senior historian at the Imperial War Museum, this week and picked his … Continue reading

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Wartime food challenge: belly ache already!

As I write this blog entry, I am wondering if I need a bucket handy. I’m not feeling too good, and it’s all due to my new food challenge this week. My wild food week is now over – it … Continue reading

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Fifteen wild plants and their uses

I’ve included a rundown here of 15 wild plants Kris Miners identified for me on our forage around Hanningfield and how you can use them. But do bear in mind that you must ask permission from the landowner if you … Continue reading

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A Wild Food Foray with Kris Miners

I went on a three hour foraging foray this week at Hanningfield Reservoir, a beautiful nature reserve in Essex, in the company of bushcraft expert and conservationist Kris Miners, who runs Green Man Bushcraft Ltd, and I’m feeling pretty shattered. … Continue reading

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Food challenge: It’s a Jungle Out There

Despite all the great advice from Fergus Drennan and countless books at my disposal courtesy of DJ’s obsession with Ray Mears and Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, I have to admit I’ve found the great foraging adventure a little daunting so far! … Continue reading

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Food challenge: Going Wild!

Wow! I’ve been chatting to professional forager Fergus Drennan, and I’m feeling very excited about wild food week, which is about to begin! As part of my challenge to beat rising food prices, I am spending a week introducing foraged … Continue reading

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Food challenge: the low income diet

Being a hypochondriac I wondered about getting some nutritional advice before I change my eating habits for the frugal food challenge. I’ve always had a delicate stomach. Plus I’d read how you should consult your doctor before starting a new … Continue reading

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Food challenge: A Pizza the Frugal Life

Oh dear…as I write this I am feeling very full…excuse me…Some peppermint tea might be in order…Ah…that’s better…Thank goodness for elasticated-waist trousers…that’s all I can say… Why am I feeling so fat when I’m on a budget food challenge, you … Continue reading

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Food challenge Day One: Tuck in!

Getting stuck into my food shopping experiment today, I decided to kick things off by doing exactly what we used to do in my school chemistry lab of yore…creating a control arm! Don’t worry – it won’t be something toxic-looking, … Continue reading

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