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The sun is shining and Christmas is coming!

As we sweat under the blazing sun, Christmas won’t be weighing heavily on your mind! And if you’re looking ahead to winter at all, you’re probably worrying about your gas bill, as Centrica and EDF hike prices. (If you’re worried, … Continue reading

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School’s out!:14 frugal ways to entertain the kids

“Are you around this week for a coffee?” My neighbour asked me the other day. “School’s broken up and I might need a break from the kids!” I’d already twigged that the school holidays were upon us when I heard … Continue reading

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Mortgage fee misery

Frugally speaking, I’m feeling disgruntled today and I’ll tell you why. You’ve probably heard experts say that the area of your finances in which you could make the biggest savings is your mortgage, if you have one. That makes sense … Continue reading

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Two Jumpers: How to fight rising gas prices

I read with horror over the weekend that a report commissioned by Centrica claims gas prices could soar by more than 60 per cent over the next two years. Aren’t we all paying enough already?! And how will the 1 … Continue reading

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Growing Pains

It’s been a while since I blogged here about our – or should I say DJ’s – vegetable patch (I’m allowed to water it and plant the odd thing occasionally!) and how it’s coming along.  I think it’s looking pretty … Continue reading

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Food challenge: Looking back

Wow – from a culinary point of view it’s been an interesting month for me! Five weeks ago MSN set me the challenge of attempting to beat rising food prices by trying out different approaches to my weekly food shop. … Continue reading

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Battle of the Supermarkets

On Friday I stumbled across a great feature by Peter Knight in The London Paper. If you work in London and read the freebie papers perhaps you saw it too. In it celebrity chef Aldo Zilli – the cheery chap … Continue reading

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Vegetarian week: The disgruntled veggie

I got an interesting email this morning from a reader unhappy that I am going veggie for just a week. I don’t know for certain as he didn’t divulge his eating habits, but I’m assuming he’s an angry vegetarian. He … Continue reading

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Vegetarian week: Help from the Vegetarian Society!

 It’s not easy turning veggie, as I’m attempting to this week. Many temptations exist, such as bacon sarnies and leftover cold sausages in the fridge. Oh dear…a frugal dilemma…! So far your blogger has remained faithful to the cause. But … Continue reading

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Vegetarian week: Gordon goes frugal!

Who’d have thought it! Gordon Brown has come out urging us to eat leftovers to combat rising food prices! Mr Brown is busy at the G8 summit in Japan trying to tackle food price hikes and has called on the … Continue reading

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