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A death in the family

Egg production in our household has ground to a halt this week for a very sad reason. On Wednesday evening a fox broke into our supposedly impregnable Egglu and tried to carry away one of our lovely pet hens, Molly. … Continue reading

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Is the recession really over?

Should we all be knocking back the (elderflower) champagne today? After all, according to figures released this morning, the UK is officially out of the recession. The figures from the Office of National Statistics show tiny positive signs, albeit nothing … Continue reading

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I am not just a consumer, I am a human being

In case you needed cheering up – the media seem to love doom and gloom stories in January – research has emerged that might back up the concerns some of you expressed about credit cards and debt this week. The … Continue reading

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Are credit cards dangerous?

The door-step sellers may still be plaguing us – although thankfully new regulations coming into force mean that they now have to provide us with a written quotation. But one of the few benefits of the recession I’ve noticed is … Continue reading

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Join the door-step selling challenge!

Thanks for your comments and suggestions on my previous blog entry, complaining about doorstep sellers. As ever, you raise some excellent points. Personally I think door-step selling should be banned but, as Christine, points out, any law would have to … Continue reading

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Say no to energy & telecoms doorstep sellers

Something has been annoying me lately and I feel the need to share it with you. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems to me that more and more organisations have taken to aggressive door-stepping in our neighbourhood. Now, I’m … Continue reading

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Planning the 2010 vegetable garden

Brr! I hope you are keeping warm and toasty in these Arctic conditions! The ground may still be solid and conditions freezing here in Essex – as in most places around the UK – but, believe it or not, gardening … Continue reading

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Insulate your way through 2010

A very happy New Year to you! I hope you had a relaxing festive season and got to recharge your batteries over the break. How exciting that we are entering not only a fresh year but also a new decade. … Continue reading

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