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Cupboard Love

Hi there. I’ve been experimenting with my webcam and it’s all a bit rough and ready so do apologise. I sound a like a dozy Darth Vader – need to fix the mike I think – and the sync is completely … Continue reading

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E by gum

Oh dear…I knew yesterday’s blog about the commercialisation of Mother’s Day would get me in trouble in the end, despite my attempts to encourage my dearest Mamma not to read it. This morning I received a terse text from her, … Continue reading

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The Mother of all Days

If you’re reading this, Mum, I suggest you go to the kitchen, make yourself a nice cup of tea, sit down and relax and watch American Idol on video in the lounge….after all, you’re a great mother and you’ve earned … Continue reading

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The debts of despair

As an aspiring frugalist, money is usually on my mind. But The Parents Guide to Money (a budgeting and benefits guide for prospective parents), which I blogged about on Wednesday, got me thinking about budgeting in general and, specifically, about … Continue reading

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The Nanny State?

As if the Financial Services Authority didn’t have its time cut out sorting out the mess that is Northern Rock, it has decided that new parents need help in the budgeting department. So from this summer onwards, the FSA is … Continue reading

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The Joy of Veg

What a shame. I was hoping to take my new webcam widget out for a spin in the back garden today and show you our lovely vegetable patch, but it’s so miserable and foggy here that I’ll have to save … Continue reading

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Dreaming of the beach

 I’ve just been reading all the fascinating comments left on the ‘Carry On Abroad’ blog entry from people who’ve retired to all kinds of exotic places, not just Spain, which has long been popular, but Mumbai in India, Thailand and … Continue reading

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A £30 budget menu

 Well, my month’s challenge of trying to live like a pensioner has finally come to an end. The month went by very quickly but I have to hang my head and admit it wasn’t an easy task for me. And … Continue reading

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Carry on Abroad

Is it me, or is eating your lunch in the garden in February a weird, albeit pleasant, experience? We’ve had such freakishly nice weather that I’ve been able to do exactly that, which is completely unnatural for this time of … Continue reading

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Eat like a king on a budget

Well, yesterday’s vegetable soup might not have been up to Master Chef standards, but it was a definite success. My neighbour Nina & I were absolutely stuffed after digging our way through it all and the wholemeal bread, although four-year-old … Continue reading

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